You can charge up to six devices in this at a time it doesn’t really matter what size they are. These holes let you slide your connector through and then slide it down so all come out. One the back side dishes where all your records are stored and they’re plugged into a six outlet power strip which ones through a hole in the side. And the slots are good for connectors that are too big to fit through these holes. And even though there’s only six outlet on the power strip.

charging station

Block #1

I’m gonna start by cutting all my 13 inch wide panels – saying it was fun. I put a half inch straight by into my router, gonna read it up rich just. Then I’m using a backer board to help make be half-inch detail in the divider and the shelf peace. Nine sixteenths inch diameter holes seem to be a good fit for most of these charging connectors and anything that might have a larger connector whirls 50 into the slot on the top shelf the charging station.


Block #2

I’m gonna cut our the score slots using make table saw and discredit connected to these holes and make up a little bit larger than it paid the H wide. I got my claim raised high so that the current the blade doesn’t cut into the back of the whole. And the top shelf use the corn slots to which is no holes. Span drilling a hole in the side support peace for the power strip cord.


Block #3

That could just begin include up well. Occurred to boards for the sides and I’m gonna tape them together with some double-sided fate gonna stick on this full-size. Double-sided fate gonna stick on this full-size cutting template using spray he/she. Now drill a hole in just one if these boards. It’s and arriving at a quarter inch groove on the backup each of these. The two holes should line up and the group will be back here glue decides on.


Block #4

For the molding profile I’m using a brown over fir with a shoulder and just using half-inch thick solid lumber. I’m covering up the edges up the plywood with this iron-on edge banding. This stuff works pretty well for using to stream it down with a razor blade. And then say it’s moons spending cuts he’s a quarter-inch plywood for the back and I edge banded also.


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